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    • 23 Feb 12

    Take a one-day tour to Villas Rio Mar in Dominical

    Cortez City and Quepos are coastal towns; they have the privilege of seeing every afternoon the sun dive into the sea. San Isidro is located 35 km from Dominical, although geographically it doesn’t have beaches, its proximity to the coast line make the locals (generaleños) in some of the direct creditors.

    An advantage of this is that hundreds of the residents of the canton of Perez Zeledón enjoy this benefit, whom throughout history have seen the southern Pacific coast as their own.

    Proof of this is the one-day tours that locals of San Isidrio enjoy, coming and going to the beach.  In fact Villas Rio Mar Hotel offers great promotions for those who like to come to the beach for a while and have a great time.

    One day tours. If you want to come for a day with your family or with your loved one for the weekend, you can use our facilities and enjoy our delicious food. Visit Us! Have breakfast or lunch in our restaurant, use our tennis court or swimming pool for free, surrounded yourself by heavenly scenery, go see the sunset in Dominical beach and you will be sure to want to return and experience this total catharsis again.

    The locals have enjoyed this privilege for years, even when there wasn`t real estate development in the area. Now there are more reasons to come- accessible prices very close to your home.