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    • 28 Nov 11

    Discover another world! Caño Island

    Who would have guessed that this day that began with a windy morning and a little gray would turn out to be one of the best in my life!

    Our trip started well. We departed from The Marino Ballena Park and took a large, comfortable boat with a friendly captain and crew which had many years of experience. Just before starting our adventure, one of our passengers told us two horror stories about the ocean which according to his words supposed to be extremely dangerous and never brought him any good when being on a boat. Ufff...! I breathed deeply, knowing it was now or never. There wouldn’t probably another chance to do this tour. I prayed to God everything would be fine!

    Our journey was amazing; we saw dolphins, frigate birds, whichare known as Pacific pirates because they like to steal food and nests of others, we passed through places with the most fascinating views such as Isla de la Ballena, Las Tres Hermanas and Isla Violines. Finally when we spotted our destination, I remembered the sailor Rodrigo de Triana, screaming land in sight! Just like when America was discovered by Columbus and this time, when I discovered the Caño Island for the first time.

    Caño Island looks very special with its views and white, sandy beaches, but the best part, I thought was the experience which I found below the surface, inthe crystal clear, turquoise water. It was incredible.

    Well I have to admit, first I panicked. Yes..! I could not breathe through the snorkel, swallowed water, I wanted to breathe through my nose and of course I could not breathe this way, so I felt like my heart would explode, then when I almost surrendered, our guide came to help and instructed me to calm down,and take deep, slow breaths through my mouth. For the first time in my life I felt like a real explorer. I relaxed and let my body float on the water. The fear was gone, and it felt like I was being embraced by the warm water. I looked down and it was literally love at first sight. I could barely see the water anymore; I just went into another world and I was so fascinated by its hidden beauty!

    We had the opportunity to do snorkeling on a rock formation of volcanic origin, where I saw colonies of coral, different schools of minnows and some lonely reefs, so pure and with bright colors that it seemed to have been drawn. Among them: Royal Angelfish, Moorish Idol, Pargo crumbs, scissor-tailed Damsels, parrotfish, butterfly fish and many more were making their way through their world. Now I know from personal experience, and not because I have read or heard it of anyone else, why it is said that this island is an ideal location for incredible diving and snorkeling.

    After this wonderful experience, it was time for lunch. I ate so much that I had the feeling I could explode. After the first session and being energized once more it became more than just snorkeling because it was fun. It became a necessity to see more of this intrigues world below the surface!

    After a rest and a pleasant conversation with my fellow-passengers we prepared to return back to Dominical. On the way back we were fortunate to see two types of whales: The Pilot and Bryde.  Another gift of nature.

    Finally we touched ground again. I knew for sure that our traveling companion who assured us the sea gives him nothing good, would never say that again. For this day the South Pacific waters gave us nothing more than beautiful surprises.